Marriage & Family Therapy

Serving North Texas for more than 30 years, I provide Helpful Opportunities for Personal Evolution in a tranquil rural setting in Argyle, TX, perfect for working through life’s challenges.

Psychotherapy Services


    Most people seeking psychotherapy are stuck, not sick. I believe adults are the experts in their own lives, so my goal is to enhance that expertise. I do not see my role as the one who makes decisions for other’s lives, but rather as the one who asks the right questions.

    Couples Therapy

    Counseling for couples can deepen the relationship by shedding light on solutions that help. Couples often seek help for parenting differences, communication blocks, financial misalignments, sexual difficulties, and inequities of power.

    Family Therapy

    Families can often solve a variety of issues through therapy together. Conflict resolution, dealing with a family member having a severe mental disorder or physical restrictions, or facing the challenges of stressful situations, like the loss of a loved one or entering a new developmental stage are common reasons to start counseling.

    Adolescent Therapy

    Adolescence often comes with new struggles for power and self-identity.  Therapy offers the adolescent a safe place to explore who they have been, who they are now, and who they want to become.

    Anxiety, Stress, and Depression

    Loss is a part of life which often comes without time for preparation. Exploring grief with a therapist can result in removing roadblocks for renewal. Mild and Moderate depression result in hopelessness which can be resolved through labeling  and analyzing. Anxiety can be relieved through  tools for self-calming, mindfulness, guided imagery, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.


    Secure, HIPAA-compliant, virtual video sessions with screenshare capabilites to ensure continuity of care for when we can’t talk in person.

    Kathy Jordon, LMFT, PhD, AAMFT

    My goal is to help clients find solutions. I believe change comes when one takes four steps. First, decide what is not working in your life, then decide what would work better. Determine the steps needed to create a better life and put forth the effort to take those steps.

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